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Dangers of Relying on Alcohol for Deal With Anxiety

Dangers of Relying on Alcohol for Deal With Anxiety

In movies, it’s all too common to see depressed and anxious characters turn to alcohol for relief. Unfortunately, this is also true for real-life individuals.

  • How often have you turned to alcohol to relieve your anxiety?
  • How often have drunk yourself into a stupor just to forget the stress of life?
  • During the pandemic, how often did you find yourself reaching for a bottle of alcohol?

If you imagined various scenarios where you did all of these, you’re not alone – especially if you are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. According to researchers, people with anxiety tend to drink alcohol to cope with feelings of anxiety, instead of relying on psychiatric treatment in Fort Washington, Maryland. While it’s true that alcohol does help with anxiety and stress due to it being a sedative and a depressant, that’s only at the beginning.

Once the alcohol wears off, you’re bound to experience an even worse case of anxiety due to changes in the brain’s serotonin levels. This is the so-called alcohol-induced anxiety. This can last for several hours up to a day. In most cases, people with anxiety drink more alcohol to get rid of their anxiety, thus, turning it into a vicious cycle of alcohol abuse. Because of this, many people with anxiety develop alcohol dependence as a form of self-medication.

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