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Medication Management in Hyattsville, Maryland


Key Points to Know About Opioid Abuse

Opioids are substances that are commonly derived from the opium poppy. However, with the advancement of technology nowadays, it is possible to develop a substance that has the same effect as opioids using synthetic analogs. Some of the prominent...

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What to Do When a Loved One Is Drinking Too Much

When someone you love is drinking too much, you might hesitate to talk about it because you don’t know what to say or afraid of how they will react. However, you’re not wrong for wanting to talk about it. To discuss your loved one’s...

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How to Deal with Depressive Episodes

Living with depression is challenging. You need more than just a professional mental health service in Hyattsville, Maryland. A support circle and proper self-care measures can help you through. If you keep having depressive episodes, here are...

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a peaceful and serene environment where you can feel comfortable and secure. We are cognizant of the stereotype and negative sentiments that surround psychiatric disorders and would work diligently in achieving the best possible result through compliance, counselling and medication..

Service Areas Covered

Covenant Psychiatric & Mental Health Services serves the residents of Prince George's County, Maryland.

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