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Types of Prescription Drugs that Can Cause Overdose

Types of Prescription Drugs that Can Cause Overdose

Prescription drugs are prescribed by doctors to cure a person’s illness or disease. However, some people abuse these prescription drugs. It is often unintentional due to non-adherence, but there are cases when people intentionally abuse drugs. Excessive intake of drugs can lead to overdose. In worst-case scenarios, it can lead to death.

If you don’t want to suffer from a drug overdose and even possibly death, be meticulous when taking your prescription. This is especially the case with the following prescription drugs:

  • Methamphetamine
    A narcotic that is often referred to as meth, this drug not only exposes you to overdose. Frequent consumption of meth can lead to a decline in one’s mental health, prompting the need for intervention by professionals of mental health service in Hyattsville, Maryland.
  • Pain Relievers
    Pain relievers can help manage chronic pain. However, pain relievers, such as OxyContin, Opana, and Percocet have a higher risk of a drug overdose. When you overdose on these prescription pain killers, the general symptoms are depressed respiration, loss of consciousness, and constricted pupils.
  • Heroin and Cocaine
    These drugs, especially when combined with other medications, can get a person addicted even in small amounts. Often, heroin and cocaine addicts experience behavioral changes that may require them to seek psychiatric treatment in Fort Washington, Maryland from a mental health professional.

Covenant Psychiatric & Mental Health Services encourages you to seek help when you feel that you have an uncontrollable urge to take certain drugs. Our mental health professionals offer quality behavioral health service in Maryland. Set an appointment with us.

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